MacCAN-KvaserCAN - Version 0.1.1 released

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Version 0.1 SR1 (Commit 7f6274f of July 10, 2021):

  • Added a CAN API V3 compatible Swift wrapper and two Swift examples
  • Added Swift Package Manager (SPM) configuration and test template
  • Moved CAN API wrapper code from C++ class to C interface (can_api.c)
  • Added abstract class CCanApi (as replacement for class CMacCAN)
  • Fixed a bug with checking for valid handle in function can_init
  • Fixed a bug with uncleared receive queue after re-start
  • Fixed a bug when teardown all channels (CANEXIT_ALL)
  • Fixed a bug with reading device independent properties
  • Fixed some bugs with getting properties from device and from library:
    • accept NULL pointer for SET_FIRST_CHANNEL and SET_NEXT_CHANNEL
    • getting device properties requires a valid handle
    • string values must be at least one byte in size
  • Temporary fix for investigation of issue #5