Running CAN and CAN FD on Mac is the mission of the MacCAN project. There are many companies offering multifarious CAN hardware and CAN software. Unfortunately, few of them provide a driver for the Mac.

UV Software provides macOS® user-space drivers for USB-to-CAN interfaces from various vendors.

PCAN-USB Interfaces from PEAK-System

PEAK-System is a leading provider of hardware, software, and services for the mobile and industrial communication sector with emphasis on the field buses CAN and LIN. A macOS® user-space driver for PCAN-USB Interfaces from PEAK-System is provided by UV Software.

PCBUSB-Library PCBUSB-Wrapper PCBUSB-Monitor

TouCAN USB Interfaces from Rusoku

Rusoku Technologies is an innovative engineering team based in Lithuania, Europe. They offer CAN adapter at a reasonable price. Drivers and utilities for Windows® and Linux® are available as open-source. A macOS® user-space driver for TouCAN USB Interfaces from Rusoku is provided by UV Software.

MacCAN-TouCAN Driver MacCAN-TouCAN Wrapper RusokuCAN.swift

USB CAN Interfaces from Kvaser

The Swedish company Kvaser AB supplies advanced CAN solutions to engineers designing and deploying systems for manifold areas of applications. They offer a wide range of CAN hardware and CAN software. A macOS® user-space driver for USB CAN Interfaces from Kvaser is provided by UV Software.

MacCAN-KvaserCAN Driver MacCAN-KvaserCAN Wrapper SwiftCAN-KvaserCAN

CAN Interface API by UV Software

CAN API V3 is a wrapper specification by UV Software to have a uniform CAN Interface API for various CAN interfaces from different vendors running under multiple operating systems. The macOS® driver libraries come with a CAN API V3 compatible API in the SDK, or alternatively wrapper libraries are available as separate SDKs for macOS® as well as for Windows®.

CANAPI-Docs MacCAN-Library MacCAN-Monitor

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