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Version 0.12 (Build 1668 of January 31, 2023):

  • Built the library as Universal macOS Binary (macOS_Library_for_PCANUSB_v0.12.tar.gz)
  • Built the library for x86_64 architecture (OS_X_Library_for_PCANUSB_v0.12.tar.gz)
  • Realized setting of device id. for PCAN-USB FD devices
  • Reworked status frame handling:
    • fixed some bugs in the driver layer (all device types)
    • suppressed initial CAN FD status frame in CAN 2.0 mode
    • corrected mapping of bus error states to PCAN status
    • fixed a bug with CAN id. of status messages
    • CAN_Read(), CAN_ReadFD(), CAN_Write(), CAN_WriteFD(): return bus error states
  • SetValue(): Set default value if argument ‘BufferLength’ is equal to 0:
    • PCAN_LISTEN_ONLY (default = OFF)
    • PCAN_DEVICE_ID (default = 0)
    • PCAN_TRACE_LOCATION (default = cwd)
    • PCAN_TRACE_STATUS (default = OFF)
    • PCAN_TRACE_SIZE (default 0 = 100k frames!)
  • GetValue(): Implemented missing parameters:
    • PCAN_ALLOW_RTR_FRAMES (read-only!)
    • PCAN_ALLOW_STATUS_FRAMES (read-only!)
    • PCAN_ALLOW_ERROR_FRAMES (read-only!)
    • PCAN_CONTROLLER_NUMBER (read-only)
    • PCAN_DEVICE_PART_NUMBER (read-only)
  • Made GetValue(PCAN_RECEIVE_EVENT) more robust if argument is greater than size of int
  • Reading of additional bytes from firmware info packet to distinguish product variants
    (issue #11: PCAN-USB FD (IPEH-004022) cannot be initialized)
  • Fixed a bug with stuck in CAN_Write() when errors on bus
    (note: the solution only works on macOS 11.0 and newer)
  • Fixed a bug with status frames not triggering the pipe for blocking read
  • Fixed a bug with getting the firmware version from USB device name
    (note: since firmware 3.x the version is not encoded in the device name anymore)
  • Fixed a bug with string length for bit-rate strings
  • Fixed a bug with GetValue(BITRATE_INFO_FD) w/o BRSE
  • Fixed a bug with size of parameter PCAN_TRACE_SIZE
  • Fixed some findings from static code analysis (Xcode and cppcheck)