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Version 0.2.2 (Commit 58dd221 of January 5, 2022):

  • Updated CAN API sources to rev. 1020 and applied the changes
  • Renamed C interface function can_software in can_firmware
  • Reworked output of function can_hardware and can_firmware
  • Added a check for minimum required PCBUSB library version (v0.9 and above)
  • Fixed an issue with missing copy constructor (to avoid dynamic allocation of class members)
  • Fixed a bug with uncleared initialization flag when all handles have been released
  • Fixed a bug with vendor-specific property values
  • Fixed a bug with enumeration of PCAN channels
  • Activated option for PCBUSB issue 198 (old messages in URB of the reception queue)
  • Added an Xctest target for CAN API V3 C interface to the trial program:
    • workaround to run the test suites with PCBUSB.dylib in Xcode
    • workaround for PCANBasic init delay issue and PCBUSB flag QXMTFULL issue
  • Set all Xcode deployment targets to macOS 11.0 (Makefiles still work on OS X 10.13)
  • Updated the Makefiles to build the artifacts as Universal macOS Binary