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Version 0.4.2 (Commit cede7f7 of January 4, 2022):

  • Updated PCANBasic DLL (version 4.6.0)
  • Updated CAN API sources to rev. 1020 and applied the changes
  • Resolved firmware version vs. software version confusion
  • Fixed an issue with missing copy constructor (avoid dynamic allocation of class members)
  • Fixed some bugs with getting properties from device and from library:
    • accept NULL pointer for SET_FIRST_CHANNEL and SET_NEXT_CHANNEL
    • getting device properties requires a valid handle
    • string values must be at least one byte in size
  • Fixed some issues with vendor-specific property values
  • Fixed findings from static code analysis (incl. C statement style)
  • Updated Python examples (although they do not work under Windows)
  • Updated my beloved utilities (and added GPL license text)